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Subject: CryoNet Information for New Subscribers

CryoNet Information for New Subscribers

Cryopreservation (cryonic suspension) is an experimental procedure whereby
people who can no longer be kept alive with today's medical abilities
are preserved at low temperatures for treatment in the future.

The cryonics mailing list (CryoNet) is a forum for topics related to
cryonics, which include technical reports of cryonic suspensions,
low temperature biology, biochemistry of memory, legal status of cryonics
and cryopreserved people, new research and publications, conferences,
mass media coverage of cryonics, local cryonics group meetings, and
even philosophy of identity.

USENET has a sci.cryonics news group and occasional cross-posting is
done between sci.cryonics and the cryonics mailing list.  The mailing
list mainly includes messages that do not go to sci.cryonics.

SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION: CryoNet is distributed as one message every day,
a "digest" consisting of the most recent contributions to CryoNet, packaged
into one email message.

To subscribe to CryoNet, send email to:
with the subject line (not message body):

UNSUBSCRIBING: To unsubscribe, replace "subscribe" with "unsubscribe" in
the subject line.

AUTOMATIC UNSUBSCRIBES: The "Smartlist" software that drives the
CryoNet mailing list automatically unsubscribes addresses that have
generated numerous bounces (due to an expired email address, host
machine down, mailbox full, etc.).  Please keep the subscription
information above handy in case "Smartlist" decides your email
address is no longer working and automatically unsubscribes it
from CryoNet.

REDISTRIBUTION: CryoNet messages may be redistributed electronically
to other people not on the mailing list.  (Once the messages get
distributed to hundreds of people via email, CryoNet has no control
over what people do with them.)  Also, since the archives are
accessible via WWW, including search engines, anyone with WWW access
can retrieve messages years after they have been posted to the mailing list.

HOW TO POST TO THE MAILING LIST: To post to CryoNet, email your
message to:
Note that since the digests are sent from "",
rather than the posting address (""), some mailers
may mistakenly address your replies to ""
rather than "".  Mail programs that recognize the
"Reply-To:" field in the message header should have no problem.

If you compose your message in a word-processor or a MIME-aware mail
reader, please make certain that your message is formatted correctly
for email distribution before sending it.  Examples of problems are:

  (1) Lines that are several hundred characters long (one long line
      for each paragraph) rather than the normal 80 characters.
      (This can result from an ASCII export of a document from a
      word processor.)
  (2) Lines that are approximately one hundred characters long,
      which can result from composing the messages in a variable
      width font (such as Times Roman) rather than a fixed width font
      (such as Courier).
  (3) Encodings other than "Plain Text", such as "Quoted-Printable"
      or HTML, which are hard to read in traditional mail readers.
  (4) Accidentally appending the previous digest to your reply.
      (The software will reject messages that include too many
      lines from previous messages.)

ENCODED/LONG/NUMEROUS POSTS: Uuencoded or base64 (MIME) encoded images
and other binary files should not be posted, but announcements of their
availability and instructions on how to obtain them are appropriate for
CryoNet.  Articles longer than 20K will be deleted from digests by the
CryoNet software, but still will be accessible in the archives.  Also,
the number of posts from the same person for each digest is limited to four.

OBTAINING BACK OR MISSED ISSUES: To receive the index to the archives,
send email to:
with the Subject line:
For full details on how to retrieve archives via email, replace "0000"
with "0003" above.

Archives also are accessible via the CryoNet Web page at:


Several general-reference archive files plus the latest few thousand
mailing list messages are maintained at that site plus a pointer
to another site with the _entire_ archives on-line via WWW.


If you need to reach me directly, send email to

Kevin Q. Brown ()

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