X-Message-Number: 0003
Subject: Email-Based Archive File Retrieval Mechanism

To retrieve CryoNet archives from cryonet.org, send email to:
with either the message numbers in the subject line or a "get"
command in the message body.  For example,
    Subject: 0000 0003 398
    Any message body
will retrieve messages 0000, 0003, and 398.  (FYI: Message #0000
is the main index for the CryoNet archives.)  Similarly,
    Subject: any subject
    get 0000 0003 398
will retrieve the same files.

Archives can be retrieved from the CryoNet web page, too,
which is at:

Here is a more detailed description of the subject line syntax:
    xxx yyy zzz ... www
where "xxx", "yyy", etc. are strings of the characters "0123456789.[]-".
For example,
is equivalent to:
    7581 7582 7583 7584 7585
and will result in messages 7581 through 7585 being mailed back to you.
is equivalent to:
    7581 7584 7588 7589
and will result in messages 7581, 7584, 7588, and 7589 being mailed
back to you.  (The Subject line "7581 - 7585" will not work, though.)
This syntax gives you enough expressive power to request many messages
in one line, but the limit is 25 files per Subject line.
Another limitation of the use of "-" within brackets is that it works only
between single digit numbers.  Thus,
will NOT give you messages 8103 through 8114.  To retrieve those messages,
use the Subject line:
    810[3-9] 811[0-4]

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