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Subject: List of Cryonics-Related Organizations and Publications

The list is in two parts:
  (1) those organizations with suspension capability (or that are working
      toward achieving suspension capability) and
  (2) those organizations and publications that support cryonics in other
      ways (including life extension publications run by cryonicists).
Please let me know of any further omissions or corrections!
                              Kevin Q. Brown

Here is the list of organizations with cryonic suspension capability (or
that are working to achieve cryonic suspension capability).  I have not
included domestic (USA) coordinators (with local transport capability)
associated with the major organizations.

Alcor is not only a membership and caretaking organization but also does
the cryonic suspensions, using Alcor employees, contract surgeons, and
    Alcor Life Extension Foundation
      7895 E. Acoma Dr.
      Suite 110
      Scottsdale AZ 85260
      Voice: (602) 922-9013 & (800) 367-2228
      FAX:   (602) 922-9027
    WWW: http://www.alcor.org/

The American Cryonics Society is the membership organization and the
suspensions and caretaking are contracted out to other organizations.
    American Cryonics Society (ACS)
    P.O. Box 1509. Cupertino, CA 95015
    (650) 254-2001
    FAX: (408) 253-0444
    WWW:   http://AmericanCryonics.org/

CryoCare Foundation is the membership organization and the
cryopreservations and caretaking are contracted out to other organizations.
CryoCare offers extra protection through its separate patient care fund
(IPCF) and system of patient care advocates.
    CryoCare Foundation
    (800) 867-2273  (800-TOP-CARE)
    WWW: http://www.cryocare.org/
[ CryoCare still maintains its web site, but it has ceased offering
  cryopreservation services and its cryopreserved members all have been
  transferred safely to another organization. ]

The Cryonics Institute does its own suspension and caretaking of patients.
    Cryonics Institute (CI)
    24355 Sorrentino Court
    Clinton Township, MI 48035
    Phone (810) 791-5961
    Fax (810) 792-7062
    Email:   or  
    WWW: http://www.cryonics.org/
    The Immortalist Society, (810) 792-7062, has the same address as
        Cryonics Institute and publishes The Immortalist, monthly,

The Cryonics Society of Canada does not perform cryonic suspensions
(but has done permafrost interment in Northern Canada).
    Cryonics Society of Canada
    P.O. Box 788, Station A
    Toronto, Ontario  Canada M5W 1G3
    Canadian Cryonics News, quarterly, $15./yr. or $20./yr. (?) overseas
    WWW: http://www.cryocdn.com/

CryoSpan is a for-profit company formed for the purpose
of providing the securest, most technologically advanced,
most responsible long-term cryogenic care of humans and
their companion animals at the lowest possible price.
It requires that its clients present evidence of an
irrevocable trust the income of which will pay these charges.
    CryoSpan, Inc.
    1013 Centre Road
    Suite 301
    Wilmington, Delaware 19805-1297
    (909) 987-3883
[ CryoSpan no longer offers services to new clients. ]

The International Cryonics Foundation has arrangements with Trans Time to
do the cryonics suspensions and caretaking of patients.
    International Cryonics Foundation
    1430 N. El Dorado
    Stockton, CA 95202
    (209) 463-0429
    (800) 524-4456
[ This information is several years old. ]

Trans Time does both suspensions and caretaking for cryonics patients.
    Trans Time, Inc.
    3029 Teagarden St.
    San Leandro, CA 94577
    WWW: http://www.transtime.com/
[ This information is several years old. ]

Alcor UK, associated with Alcor Life Extension Foundation, are
well-equipped, with their own building and laboratory, and have initial
training in transport and perfusion.  No patients are stored in the UK.
- Andrew Clifford <>
- Mike Price      <>
- Garret Smyth    <>
- Steve Whitrow   <>
     Alcor UK
     Unit 18
     Potts Marsh Estate, Eastbourne Road
     Westham, East Sussex
     Voice: 0323-460257
     FAX: 03212-6050
[ This information is several years old. ]

The Cryonics Association of Australia offers support for Australian
residents having suspension arrangements, or planning to make such
arrangements, with any of the major American cryonics organisations, and
seeks to promote the concept generally in Australia.
    Cryonics Association of Australia
    PO Box 57
    Hampton, Victoria   3188
    Voice: +61 3 9589-6236
    WWW: http://www.pricom.com.au/caa/
[ This information is several years old. ]

21st Century Medicine
    Founded in 1993, 21st Century Medicine has "embarked upon a
    comprehensive research program to perfect suspended animation
    and control human aging."  Initial research projects include
    recovering dogs after 5 to 8 hours of deep hypothermia, brain
    resuscitation experiments, and assessing the life extension
    benefits of nine different nutrient and drug therapies.
    For more information, call or write to Saul Kent at:
      21st Century Medicine
      16280 Whispering Spur Drive
      Riverside, CA 92504
      Voice (909) 780-3252
      FAX (909) 780-5758
      WWW: http://www.21cm.com/
[ Since the late 1990's the research effort has reorganized under two
  organizations, 21st Century Medicine for cryobiological research and
  Critical Care Research for hypothermia-related research. ]

I have no recent news about the New Zealand organization, associated, I
believe, with ACS.  Here is the information from several years ago:
    Pacific Cryobionic Society
    P.O. Box 986
    33 Cannington Road
    Dunedin, New Zealand
    Telex, 5793 AI UNIV
    Telefax (64) <24> 778681
[ This contact information is from the early 1990's. ]


These organizations are not directly associated with cryonic suspensions,
but they do support cryonics in other ways.  I have not included cryonics
dinner meetings or cryonics discussion groups.

CEL is a California-based political action group for promoting legal and
political support favorable to cryonicists.
    Citizens for an Extended Lifespan (CEL)
    13354 Veracruz Street
    Cerritos, CA  90701-4644
    Contact person: Allen J. Lopp
    (213) 926-5470
[ This contact information is from the early 1990's. ]

CryoNet: To subscribe to the mailing list, send email to:
with the subject line:
For general questions about the mailing list, send email to:
    Kevin Q. Brown

California Bay Area cryonics list.  To join the list, send email to:

CryoNetUK: For those who live in the UK, there is an electronic mailing
list for extropian items of local interest, such as announcements of
interesting television shows, gatherings, Alcor meetings, and 
local administrivia.  You needn't be an Alcor UK member to receive
mail.  Send your request for inclusion to 
[ This contact information is several years old. ]

Extropy Institute
13428 Maxella Avenue, #273
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

Life Extension Magazine is the monthly report on life extension news
published by the Life Extension Foundation.
    Life Extension Foundation
    P.O Box 229120
    Hollywood, FL 33022-9120
    (800) 841-LIFE & (305) 966-4886
    WWW: http://www.lef.org/
    Life Extension Magazine

Life Extension Society News
Mark Mugler, President
990 N. Powhatan St.
Arlington, VA 22206
(703) 534-7277
[ This contact information is several years old. ]

Longevity Report is published by John de Rivaz at:
    Longevity Books
    West Towan House
    Porthtowan, Truro
    Cornwall, United Kingdom TR4 8AX
WWW: http://www.geocities.com/longevityrpt/

"PERIASTRON will discuss any scientific or technical issue relating to
cryonics and immortalism. It will not be a periodical giving news about
individual societies or even legal developments (unless, that is, they
pertain to the scientific and technical issues)."
US $3.00/issue both in USA and outside USA
    Editor: Thomas Donaldson
    P.O. Box 208
    O'Connor ACT 2602

The Reanimation Foundation is set up to enable you to "take it with you"
and provide financial support for your reanimation, reeducation, and
reentry.  It is based in Liechtenstein, which does not have a Rule Against
Perpetuities, and thus allows financial assets to be owned by a person
long after the person is declared legally dead.
    Reanimation Foundation
    c/o Saul Kent
    16280 Whispering Spur
    Riverside, CA 92504
    (800) 841-LIFE

  This USENET news group was spun off the cryonics mailing list (CryoNet)
  in early 1992.

CryoSearch was founded in 1995 for cryobiological
research of interest to cryonicists.
    7895 E. Acoma Drive, Suite 109
    Scottsdale, AZ 85260
[ This contact information is several years old. ]

The Venturists are a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt scientific, religious, and
educational organization, serving as a cryonics religious organization
(thereby providing legal support for a religious objection to autopsy) and
a forum for immortalist philosophy "promoting immortality through science."
    The Society for Venturism
    6101 E. Joan De Arc
    Scottsdale, AZ 85254
    Venturist Monthly News
    (602) 922-9013
    Editor: Mike Perry, 

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