X-Message-Number: 0005
Subject: Suggested Reference Messages for New Subscribers

The most complete introduction to cryonics for new subscribers is in
the cryonics FAQ messages 0018.1 through 0018.9, which currently total
about 60K bytes long.

Also, some of the cryonics mailing list messages remain useful long after
they are posted.  In particular, introductory messages for people new to
cryonics are good to have readily available on-line.  (Others, even though
they may be well-written and well reasoned, are strictly topical or are
part of a discussion distributed across several messages.)

Here is an initial list of such messages.  Please let me know of other
messages that should be on this list.

-    -----------------------
50   Brown / Death of Death in Cryonics (2 KBytes)
351  Hixon / Cryonics : Reaching For Tomorrow (1 KBytes)
398  Levy/Brown / Cryonics and Overpopulation  (4 KBytes)
972  Bridge / Introduction to Cryonics (Revised)  (10 KBytes)
1297.1 Merkle / Drexler's New Nanotech Book Available (8 KBytes)
0024  Platt / Alcor Cryonics Introduction (20 KB)
0033  Wowk / Cryonics and You (37 KBytes)
0035  Fahy / The Cryobiological Case For Cryonics (54 KBytes)
0036  Harris / A Physician Considers Cryonics 24 KBytes)
0037  Best / Why Life Extension -- or Why Live at All? (23 KBytes)

Excerpts from Charles Platt's book on cryonics are available in messages:

  0025.1 - Suda's Cat Brain Experiment & Conservatism in Science (7K bytes)
  0025.2 - Can Life Stop and Start Again? Simple Facts about Resuscitation
           (7K bytes)
  0025.3 - Nanotechnology and Cryonics (6K bytes)

In addition, the (frequently updated) archive messages listed in message
0000 (Directory of Frequently Updated Cryonics Messages) are useful for
both new and not-so-new subscribers to the cryonics mailing list.

The latest few hundred messages are available via the email-based
retrieval mechanism described in message #0003.

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