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Date: Tue, 07 Jul 1998 14:10:56 -0400
From: Paul Wakfer <>
Subject: Re: CryoNet #9993 - Why people don' join
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Even though I disagree with parts, it was very encouraging to see
someone new who is not a cryonics insider stating so strongly what Saul
Kent, I, and a few others have been hammering away at for two years or
more now.

> Message #9993
> From: "William J. Unroch" <>
> Subject: Why people don' join
> Date: Mon, 6 Jul 1998 08:32:52 -0400
> Your analysis of why people don't sign up is absurd. Most people are
> selfish,  love themselves,

IMO, this last part may be incorrect. It is a very sad situation, that
enormous numbers of people, perhaps even most, do *not* love themselves.
> and would do anything to stay alive.

Yes, but often because they *fear* death. Not because they *love* life.

> people don't sign up is very simply that you have provided no evidence that
> the process works and that they can be unfrozen when the time comes.

In spite of our divergence above, I totally agree with this.

>  The
> average person views cryonics as a bunch of fringe quacks.

Yup! And, I've got news for you all, in any objective, scientific sense,

> Believe me once
> the technology evolves to the stage where it is PROVEN that people can be
> brought back and are being brought back everyone will sign up for cryonics
> in 5 minutes.

I totally agree.

> Atheists will be delighted to do it and the religious types
> will find a reason why cryonics is God's will.


> It is simply a matter of
> credibility of the people running cryonics and proof that it works. After
> that every mortuary in the US will be a cryonics center very quickly.

Not every mortuary, EVERY HOSPITAL! Cryopreservation will be started as
soon as it is determined that the patient is terminal and deteriorating
rapidly. It may even become *mandatory* under such conditions.

> The
> ONLY thing you should worry about is actually bringing someone back. Once
> you have done that and the word gets out the rest will be easy.


> All the philosophical BS is BS.

And worse, a colossal cop-out and waste of time and thought.

> Show proof it works and EVERYONE WILL GO FOR IT.

-- Paul --

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