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Subject: Re: Why people don't join
Date: Tue, 07 Jul 1998 19:18:46 -0500
From: Will Dye <>

In CryoNet #9993, "William J. Unroch" <> writes:

> Your analysis of why people don't sign up is absurd. [...]  Believe me 
> once the technology evolves to the stage where it is PROVEN that people 
> can be brought back and are being brought back everyone will sign up 
> for cryonics in 5 minutes.  [...]  All the philosophical BS is BS. Show 
> proof it works and EVERYONE WILL GO FOR IT.  [...] The ONLY thing you 
> should worry about is actually bringing someone back. 

As pointed out in previous CryoNet messages, a noticible percentage of 
the population is *already* under the impression that people and dogs 
have been completely frozen & sucessfully revived.  Yet even among this 
group, few sign up.  Many others believe that successful revival is 
indeed possible, but again, few sign up.  When I've discussed cryonics 
with others, the workability of the concept seems to be a given.  

True, a vague belief that cryonics will work isn't nearly as persuasive 
as having your doctor tell you that your loved one "was not able to 
recover from the operation, so they've been transferred to the cryonics 
wing of the hospital, which is the normal procedure at this point".  I 
can see why Saul and others feel that research is the best path to 
emphasize right now.  We can all share the (quite reasonable) hope that 
the publicity surrounding a research breakthorough will "turn the tide" 
and make cryosuspension routine.  But it seems that workability, at 
present, is not the *sole* reason for resistance to cryonics.  


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  \  are far too easily pleased."  --C. S. Lewis

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