X-Message-Number: 10007
Date:  Tue, 07 Jul 98 18:28:59 
From: Mike Perry <>
Subject: Re: CryoNet #9993

William J. Unroch wrote,
> Your analysis of why people don't sign up is absurd. Most people are
> selfish,  love themselves, and would do anything to stay alive. The REASON
> people don't sign up is very simply that you have provided no evidence that
> the process works and that they can be unfrozen when the time comes.  The
> average person views cryonics as a bunch of fringe quacks. Believe me once
> the technology evolves to the stage where it is PROVEN that people can be
> brought back and are being brought back everyone will sign up for cryonics
> in 5 minutes.

I am sure that if things got to this stage, there would be few who 
would not want to have cryonics arrangements. Perhaps that will 
happen fairly soon, perhaps not. Today there is no 
*proof* that cryonics will work, but to my thinking, still significant 
*evidence* it will work, along with some uncertainty. And, apart from 
the question of whether cryonics as practiced today will work, there 
is good evidence that procedures can be improved, to increase the 
chances for those who are not yet at death's door. A rational 
approach is to sign up and meanwhile try to further cryonics, 
including but not limited to research. Surely this makes more sense 
than ignoring its potential and submitting in the traditional manner 
to personal destruction. Moreover, *some* will have to take the 
approach of furthering cryonics when it isn't a demonstrated 
technique, if it's ever *going* to be one!--it can't happen in a 

Mike Perry 

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