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Date: Wed, 8 Jul 1998 00:45:00 -0400
From: "Stephen W. Bridge" <>
Subject: New Alcor Directors

To CryoNet
From Steve Bridge
Chairman of the Board
Alcor Life Extension Foundation
*New Alcor Directors*
Other work has gotten in the way of this; but I wanted to belatedly
announce that Alcor Foundation has added two Directors recently, to
bring us up to our normal complement of nine.
Ralph Merkle, PhD. is a nanotech researcher at Xerox PARC.  He was
Chair of the Fourth and Fifth Conferences on Nanotechnology.  He got
his Ph.D. from Stanford University, where he co-invented public key
Derek Ryan was Alcor's Membership Administrator from 1992-1995.  He
has participated in several Alcor suspensions and was the editor of
Alcor's "Phoenix" newsletter for several years.  Derek is currently
a Web Developer at Hewlett Packard and is the Webmaster for the
Extropy Institute.
In addition to their heavy Alcor involvement in many activities over
the past several years, Ralph and Derek were elected to Alcor's Board
because they are thoughtful people who have given us valuable advice
during the past year as official "Advisors" to the Board of Directors.
Alcor's other Directors are Hugh Hixon, Dave Pizer, Michael Riskin,
Linda Chamberlain, Carlos Mondragon, Mark Voelker, and myself.
* New Patient Care Trustee *
When Thomas Donaldson moved to Australia earlier this year, we needed
to fill his position on Alcor's Patient Care Trust Board.  This is the
group of five Alcor members which jointly acts a Trustee for the funds
invested for the care of Alcor's suspended patients.
The new Trustee is long-time Alcor member, David Brandt-Erichsen.  He
has been elected to a five-year term on the Trust Board.
David is a former microbiologist who is currently involved in the
effort to gain the right to Physician-assisted suicide, as readers of
CryoNet will know.  David was also the Treasurer of the L-5
Society/National Space Society for many years.
The other Trust Board members are Gary Meade, Warren Robertson, Carlos
Mondragon, and Robert Schwarz.
Steve Bridge

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