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Date: Thu, 9 Jul 1998 17:56:29 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Re; Credibility

Saul Kent suggests in (10018) that 
I disagree, however, that scientific credibility is not important.
>in selling a product.   (in reference to cryonics).

May I suggest that most major world religions are most successful, even today, 
while remaining 

in opposition to current scientific opinion in many areas.  They, too, commonly 
promise a life 
after death.  They sell their faith via emotional appeal.

I applaud your personal commercial success.  Now what do you think causes people
to want life 

extension products in the first place?  I contend that without an emotional 
appeal delivered 

successfully there is no sale.  That appeal may be implicit or explicit, but it 
need be present.

The current crop of scientists will probably not live long enough to change 
their opinions 

before they die out.  When less prejudiced human beings recognize the emotional 
reasons for 
embracing cryonics, they will consider it.  

Never try to convert the Pope nor the cardinals.  Using bribes has proven the 
only successful 

historical approach of which I am aware.  The masses don't need bribes.  They do
feel a need to 
believe.  That need is emotional.

If we look to those who have massively succeeded we will know what has been 
effective.  That is 

the heart of my argument.  Waiting for scientific authorities to approve our 
gamble on the 

future is like a prospect for conversion to Christianity waiting for scientific 
acceptance of 
religious dogma.  

Saul Kent is absolutely right.  If we gained such scientific credibility it 
WOULD be easier to 
sell cryonics.  

Personally, I don't believe the dogma-bound scientists of this endarkened era 
will believe it 

until it is already proven.  Again I point to the examples I have already 
mentioned of such 

forceful self-imposed blindness: the "Big Bang" belief system, the HIV-AIDS 
belief system (what 

are the damages caused by current HIV drugs and how are they different from AIDS
anyway?), the 

hubris "Don't look at Mars (or anywhere else) We already know the Truth" belief 
system, etc. 

I am open to being proven wrong.  I want to always know what is the truth.  I 
can make mistakes.  

However, I believe we cryonicists are making a mistake by not paying more 
attention to what 

already works in motivating human beings to take action.  I will continue to do 
what I can with 
those I know.  

    Peace on Earth ... one mind at a time.
           THE ANGER CURE (tm)

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