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From:  (Andy Ormsby)
Newsgroups: sci.cryonics
Subject: Scientific debate: some questions
Date: 16 Jul 92 16:07:55 GMT

There have been a number of postings claiming that this newsgroup is
intended for debate of the scientific issues concerning cryonics. I
don't know a lot about the scientific background. I'm interested in
finding out:

What specific scientific or technological advances are needed in order
to have working cryonics? By "working", I mean the ability to reliably
freeze a person for (say) a year and bring them back unharmed.

What work is going on towards achieving those advances? Where?
Are there any university departments or government agencies doing this
kind of work?  I know that "suspended animation" has cropped up a
number of times in science fiction novels as a means of making
long-distance space travel possible. Has NASA sponsored any work in
this area?  To what extent is cryonics "serious" science? How much
money is being spent in this area?

What are the timescales for achieving the sort of working cryonics I
mention above, or the various scientific and technological advances
which will (presumably) be needed. 10 years? 50? 100?

Andy Ormsby

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