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Date: Fri, 10 Jul 1998 15:13:37 -0700
From: Fred Chamberlain <>
Subject: Cryonics Motivations and Acceptance of Technologies II

From:     Fred Chamberlain <>
Subject:  Cryonics Motivations and Acceptance of Technologies II
Date:       July 10, 1998

An afterthought:

Some of you might feel that it was unduly fanciful for me to suggest that,
"his auto-neuropreservation system might handily remove his head and
flashfreeze it," but consider how implausible it would have sounded, to
anyone one hundred years ago, if we'd said:

"Our cars will be able to go much faster than a hundred miles an hour, but
if you have a head-on collision, a ballon will jump out at you and try to
"float you" past the shock!  Heck, there will be laws to *require* it on
all new vehicles, at some point!"


"We'll fly three times the speed of sound, but don't worry.  If things go
wrong, we'll blow you through the roof in a seat propelled by explosives,
still wearing an oxygen mask.  Then a little bag will pop out and big
umbrella will float you to the ground!"

They didn't "require life preservers" on the sailing ships which brought
the first European settlers to this country, but those people had the
courage to try something everyone else probably thought was lunacy, at the

As they crossed the Atlantic, little could they have envisioned either the
Titanic and its fate, or the fact that less than a hundred years later, its
"deep-water" abandoned decks would be prowled by automated, swimming
cousins of space vehicles, carrying television cameras.

The future beckons to us!  It has things we cannot begin to imagine!  Some
of us will try practically *anything* to not "miss the show"!  Others will
hold back, as much from fear of an unknown future, as from doubt that
cryonics may not "work"!  In the end, a new kind of non-genetic "natural
selection" will have taken place.  Future psychologists will be fascinated
by it.    

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