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Subject: CRYONICS Unanswered FAQ's
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 92 16:25:15 -0400

I've been organizing the list of Frequently Asked Questions to post to
sci.cryonics.  I've written answers to some questions, and other
questions remain to be answered.  This message lists the questions I
want people to send me answers for.  The next message will have my
entire draft list of questions and answers (including the unanswered
questions) so people can correct any errors.

Please send answers to Tim Freeman <>.  I'll also pay
serious attention to requests to rewrite particular questions, or to
add particular questions and answers to the list.

Here are the unanswered questions:

Is there any government or university supported research on cryonics

Isn't reanimating a frozen person like reconstructing the cow from

   (Who said this first?  He was a cryobiologist.  He was mentioned in
   some old Alcor magazine somewhere.)

   The analogy is not valid.  Some animals can survive freezing, but
   no animals can survive grinding.

So what's the status with that baboon? Did it live? Any brain damage?

   (Need to insert a brief description of the operation on the baboon

   According to Art Quaife as of 14 Jul 92, the baboon is well and has
   no signs of brain damage.

Who has successfully kept dogs cold for hours?  Did they survive? Any
brain damage?

Who froze the flatworms?  What happened?

   (Needs an answer, and a literature citation.  Were they flatworms
   or C. elegans?)

Why will people bother reviving anyone who is frozen?

   (Dig around in the cryonet and sci.cryonics archives for answers.)

What is the conflict between the cryonicists and cryobiologists?  How
did it start, and how does it continue?

   [Cryonics magazine had a multi-part article by Mike Darwin on
   exactly this topic.  Can anyone write a summary for me?]

What was the Dora Kent case?

What are the pros and cons of neurosuspension (only freezing the head)?

   (Need an answer!)

   See the booklet ...blah... published by Alcor for a more thorough

Is anyone getting rich from cryonics?  What are the salaries at these
organizations like?

How can I get financial statements for the various organizations to
evaluate their stability?

How much do the for-profit companies that actually do the suspensions
get for each suspension, and how is it spent?

How hard will these people work to freeze me?

   (Stories of suspensions done under unpleasant circumstances are
   appropriate here.  See sci.cryonics archives, search for "Jail".)

What obligations do the suspension organizations have to the people
they have suspended?  Will they pay for revival and rehabilitation?

What sort of people get themselves suspended?  Are they vain, rich
people with a morose concern for living longer but no interest in
living well in the present?

Why would anyone be revived?

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