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From: "Scott Badger" <>
Subject: Re: Will they need it when they want it
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 1998 09:44:30 -0500

I want to thank everyone who kindly responded to my post.  If I understand
correctly, my argument was apparently based on a false premise.  The
majority of responders apparently believe that suspension (correct term?)
WILL be reversible before senescence and most other diseases are conquered.
I, of course, believed this all along and was only concerned that this
question might be bouncing around in the minds of lurkers too shy to express
their concerns (ahem).  Allow me to temporarily continue as their advocate
and ask for further clarification on one issue.

Most of the responses seemed to place the greatest amount of optimism on the
future viability of vitrification.  Paul Wafker suggests this process will
likely be reversible at least 100 years before senesence and other diseases
are conquered and the process called cryonics will likely be obsolete (I
hope I am characterizing this accurately).  Would someone please tell me (I
mean, the lurkers) how the term "suspended animation" is differentiated from

One other quick point:  Whatever protocol is used to preserve me, I
personally would not WANT to be revived unless there was a youthful body
waiting for me (my own, I mean).  So it's not going to matter much to me if
suspended animation becomes reversible prior to that point?  Do you think
most others will feel the same way?

To Bob Ettinger: Yes, it's a wonderful song, but somehow annoying when
rendered over the internet.  Perhaps you could replace it with a .wav file
of you introducing yourself and welcoming visitors to your site.  You could
update the message periodically to reflect recent changes on your web site.
Just a thought.

Best to all and thanks again,

Scott Badger

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