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Date: Sun, 12 Jul 1998 15:45:30 EDT
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Does anyone have a clue about this? It sounds like either something joltingly
new or else nothing.

Robert Ettinger
Cryonics Institute
Immortalist Society

From:  (gariaev)
Date: 98-07-12

Unfortunately, outside Russia do not read our sci. articles in 
Russian. Still in 1990 . we have offered DNA Computing Idea [Gariaev et al, 
Solitonic-holographic genome with collective simmetric genetic code (1990).
Prepr. Inst. Clin. And Expl. Med. Novosibirsk (in 
Russian)]. In 1990-1998 years we have published about 30 articles on this
including on 2 books [Gariaev P.P., 1994, Wave Genome. 279p. Ed. " 
Obsh.polza "; Gariaev P.P., 1997, Wave Genetic Code. 108p. Ed. " 
Izdatcenter " (in Russian)]. Majority try to develop principles DNA 
biocomputing being based only on DNA-Watson-Crick-Chargaff rules: A-T, G-C. It
is correct, but it so it is not enough! DNA/Chromosomal continuum in living 
systems has wave attributes, which will derivate unknown to us the computer
programs of construction of organisms. The known genetic code is the code of 
synthesis of proteins and no more that. Chromosomes in vivo work as the 
solitonic-holographic computer with use of endogenous DNA-laser radiation. For
example, it is possible to put hundred millions dollars in model Adleman, but
will not give more that, that it already has given. Disregarding of principles
of DNA-wave coding and biocomputing of research in this area fast will reach
deadlock. I hope, that our researches will be useful. Below I give abstract
of our activities.

BIOPHOTON” was founded as a team 
of high qualified experts in molecular biology, biophysics genetics, 
embriologists, linguistics and others. In cooperation with physicists from 
Lebedev Physical Institute and Theoretical Problems department of the RUSSIAN 
Academy of Sciences and others sci. Structures. They concentrate on specific 
problems and phenomena of morphogenetic information storage, reproduction and 
possible transfer genes with help sign physical fields. These researches
by a molecular biologist and biophysics Dr. Sci., academician Ac.
of Russia, Memb. NY Ac.Sci. Peter Gariaev.

The basic concept of the approach to morphogenesis proposed and 
developed by the BIOPHOTON group combines some physical models of holographic 
associative memory and mathematical formalism of Fermi - Pasta - Ulam (FPU) 
recurrence for solitary waves in DNA. Besides the concept of wave genes is
on understanding chromosomes as laser emitter.

The underlying principles of holographic storage and solitary 
wave transfer of morphogenetic information reveal some new aspects of genetic 
functions in biological systems which have never been known before. This new 
insight into the nature of morphogenesis makes it possible to treat genome as
biological solitonic holographic computer which generates endogenous solitary 
and/or laser electromagnetic and acoustic waves to carry 4-D space-temporal 
information used by biosystems for their organizing from zigota.

The concept of solitary/laser waves associated with the 
chromosomes gives rise to creation of a family of unique lasers and 
radioelectronic/optoelectronic devices which can imitate the sign waves
of chromosomes and transmit wave genetic information between two genomes in a 
symbolic form of field patterns. Using these devices it is possible, in 
principal, to strategic control the metabolism of an organism in different
including correction of various genetic defects, restoration of chromosomes 
damaged by radiation or chemical actions, implementation of hybridizations
impossible previously, development of dramatically new approaches to cancer 
treatment and to gerontology problems, AIDS etc. The experimental evidence of 
morphogenetic translations and repairing X-ray-damaged chromosomes using a 
Fermi-Pasta-Ulam (FPU) -generator and specific lasers is recently obtained in 

We obtained also some evidence existing solitary waves like 
nonlinear exitations on DNA soft gels and 50S subparticle ribosomes of E.coli
method spectroscopy correlation of photons.

Our group have first resuts about in vitro recording signals 
generating by pulse IR-laser (Ga-As) on level nonlinear sign (solitonic) 
dynamics of the DNA molecules. This open wide possibilities for intoduce wave 
information in genome of high biosystems including Homo Sapiens and creating 
principal new cell of memory as a basic unit for artifitial biocomputers.

We obtained first results about laser pumping on DNA molecules 
and nucleohistones in vitro that put forward the idea creation of 
DNA/chromosomal artifitial laser with potential super-high biological 

BIOPHOTON’S group create mathematical (computer) models 
reflecting of soliton dynamics on natural DNA close connecting with sequences

The Gariaev’s team has opened a phenomenon of transition 
of laser light in radiowaves as possible analog same processes in the
and analog his phenomenon is used by the genome for radiowave management of 
biosystems by modulation laser's/radiowaves polarization modes . The opened 
principle allows to develop essentially new kind spectroscopy of substances, 
including genetic structures. This phenimenon can be analogue 
Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen effect (quantum NonLocality), predicted in 1935, but
for photons only. Here with polarization modes for photons, hanging from 
characteristics of scanning materials, and polarization modes for radiowaves 
base in coherent relationships. This is reached issue of characteristics of 
scanning materials from photons to radioquantes (in press).

Gariaev Peter make first attempt of revision canonic model of 
the genetic code.

SOME SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATIONS [I omit the references, more than a page--R.E.]

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