X-Message-Number: 10050
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 1998 14:01:20 -0700
From: Tim Freeman <>
Subject: Re: Will they need it when they want it?

From: "Scott Badger" <>
>I've repeatedly heard it said that finding cures for all our diseases and
>reversing the aging process will be much less of a challenge than repairing
>the cellular damage brought about by the cryopreservation process.  If so,
>this begs the question; "Why would skeptics need cryonics by the time
>they're willing to consider it?"

Maybe freezing techniques will improve to the point where the cellular
damage to the brain will be reversible by the techniques of that day
before the cures for againg and other diseases are invented or
discovered.  That would leave a window where cryonics could become

Another scenario is that knowledge of how memories are stored would
advance enough, along with the freezing technology, so one could say
with confidence that the memories are preserved, and all this might
happen before a cure for aging.

Or, quite possibly, you're right and almost all of them will
needlessly die.  :-(.
Tim Freeman       
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