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From: Olaf Henny <>
Subject: CryoNet #10072 (George Smith), Selling Cryonics
Date: Sat, 18 Jul 1998 22:53:55 -0700

Re:Cryonet #10072 (George Smith)

True words you have spoken.  However here comes the hitch:
In order to become a cryonicist, you have to be a very rational, 
non-emotional reasoner:

-  You die, get buried;  you rot
-  You die, get incinerated;  you are ashes
-  You are legally dead, but for a brief while not irretrievably 
   so;  you have a chance to be cryopreserved and revived at a 
   later date.

The rational we all have arrived at is of course the latter.  
Some of us at great struggle with our conventional barriers, 
because cryonics is just not "natural".  It is just not done!  
The reason why we *could* become cryonicists, is because we all 
have rational minds.  To appeal to the emotions of others would 
make most of us liars, because we do not feel these emotions 
ourselves.  If we would try it anyway, the insincerity of it 
would be printed on our foreheads in great neon letters.

What we need are salesmen who are also cryonicists and can appeal 
to the emotions of others.  You seem to be such a rare bird.  I 
have tried to sell on emotions, using the same words, gestures 
and closing techniques, as those who were successful and bombed 
out completely.

Oh, I have been very successful in 'selling' major real estate 
development projects to companies and municipal councils, but 
that was strictly achieved by presenting facts and figures in a 
clearly organized and logical manner.  Most people in this group 
could do the same, but this does hardly qualify us to sell a 
matter as adverse to historical social conventions as cryonics 
based on emotions.

So, George, where do you find these capable and willing salesmen, 
who can convert your theory into practice?  If you do, we will 
all love you (very emotionally :)



Tolerance is wisdom's finest fruit

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