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Date: Sun, 19 Jul 1998 11:07:21 -0400 (EDT)
From: The Hitman <>
Subject: "Soul" searching

Before I start, please excuse the use of 'soul' in the subject line, 
I don't want to start that one again.  I am just using the simple cliche
to make my point. 

I am 28 years old and have been reading Cryonet for over 3 years and plan
to sign up.  Now I have heard all the arguements about not delaying and my
usual response is lack of money.  The truth is I'm sure I could work it
out, it would mean a tightening of my belt, but it could be done.  Earlier
today I think I realized a more psycological reason for why I haven't
signed up, and Ii imagine many of the other younger people out there
upon some inner reflection would agree with this.

If I were to need cyronics within say the next two years, ( which is about
the time I expect to sign up as I will be done school and hopefully be
gainfully employed,) the chances are I will have died (de-animated,
whatever) in some type of accident, (plane crash, car crash, fire etc.)
thus the odds of haveing a good suspension are low. Over the past 3 years
I have read all about the damage caused even with the best suspensions and
heard the disapointment of those who have been involved in not so good
ones due to strange circumstances of death of the patient or no
notification etc.  Well upon reflection I think that if I were to need
suspension in the next couple of years, the suspension would most likely
be a poor one and my faith in the all mighty Nano isn't that high.
I believe that many of the people frozen today will be revived but nott
those who are frozen poorly, of which I would consider myself if I were to
die.  So basically I believe that if I were to need cryonics in the next
couple of yearsI don't think it would be able to help me as time delays
and such would result in a very poor suspension.

I hope this is understandable.  I'm in Engineering thus writing about
gut feelings is not my strong suit. 

ANy comments?

Brett Corlett

Faculty of Engineering, Carleton University
Suspension and Steering Team Leader, Formula SAE

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