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Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 10:13:48 EDT


Brett Corlett (#10078) says he is delaying sign-up because (1) it would be a
bit of a financial squeeze now and (2) if he were to die in the next couple of
years it would probably be in an accident, and the quality of suspension would
probably be poor, and he lacks confidence that future technology will be able
to cope with poor suspensions. He asks for comments.

First, what is true at his age of 28 will also be (approximately) true for
many years thereafter, and his reasoning could be applied almost any time
until old age or clear signs of illness (except that the financial squeeze
will presumably be less later, if he buys life insurance while young enough to
get it relatively cheaply, or if he accumulates assets). So if he thinks it
will make sense in two years, he ought to be able to convince himself that it
makes sense now.

Second, his guesses are only guesses, and he is NOT giving himself the benefit
of the doubt--if his guesses are wrong, he may have made a fatal mistake. If
he dies early, it may not be of accident, but a sudden disease; or if it is in
an accident, he may not die instantly but after several days in a hospital,
allowing time for preparation; or even if he does die suddenly, we might be
able to get to him quickly, as has happened; or even if he gets a suspension
under adverse circumstances, the Nano Magicians of the future may meet or
exceed the most optimistic expectations. In other words, he has a better
chance if he signs up without delay, and while he doesn't know just how much
better the chance is, he should give himself the benefit of the doubt.

Third, there are the well known but little appreciated factors of psychology
and seed. Members and money and work help cryonics organizations, and the
cryonics movement, more now than later. Your chances depend, in some uncertain
degree, on the growth and improvement of your organization and of cryonics
generally. Your participation and contributions now are more important than
they will be later. Your own psychology, and that of people near you, will
change once you are committed, and early commitment may save some lives
important to you, as well as your own.

Robert Ettinger
Cryonics Institute
Immortalist Society

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