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Date: Tue, 21 Jul 1998 17:05:18 +0530
From: Drew Skyfyre <>
Subject: Jan's post about convention


I'm new to the forum. Please excuse any lapses in the appropriateness of
my posts. I am very happy to find Cryonicists on the almighty infobahn.

>The truth of the matter is no one wants to be considered unconventional. 
>It is
>very important for people to be excepted by their society even if they may 
>pay a
>high prize for it.
This is very true,Jan. I believe it takes a rational and foward thinking 
person to be able to say to others around them, "That's the way you
choose to live. Fine. Great. This is the way I choose to. If you have
a problem with it, that's your problem. As long as I'm not stepping 
on your toes with the way I live my life, I don't mind."

This thing about wanting to fit into conservative society norms can
be seen for example in religious beliefs. You're born into
a family that already believes in one of many religions, and  you're
stuck with that. Few break with it. Does everyone who calls 
themselves Catholics, or whatever, actually believe everything 
their religion says ?  

Pure logic and rationality can of course go too far, nazism and facism
for example. But then it ceases to be rational and logical any longer.

Maybe some (many ? most ?) have chosen the cryonic option are 
pretty "conventional" people, but I suspect many are quite unconvetional
in the way they think, and their approach to life as a whole.
Me, I'm 24, an Aetheist, microtonal musician, and I plan to sign up
to a Cryonics program soon as I can afford to. Maybe my futuristic,
wide-open-minded view of the world comes from reading a lot of 
science-fiction, or maybe listening to lot's of Rock 'n Roll, who knows

Regards and see you in the future,

"So what you've done is invent a third type (of historian), C,
The history surfer. Hanging five on the point break of the past,
tubing it through the rollers of yesterday. Dr. Keanu Young, Ph.Dude."

>From Stephen Fry's very excellent  novel, 'Making History'.

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