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Date: Tue, 21 Jul 1998 17:08:04 +0530
From: Drew Skyfyre <>
Subject: Brett's "soul"searching

Hi All,

Drew here. I'm new here. Great to be here.

>Over the past 3 years
>I have read all about the damage caused even with the best suspensions and
>heard the disapointment of those who have been involved in not so good
>ones due to strange circumstances of death of the patient or no
>notification etc.  Well upon reflection I think that if I were to need
>suspension in the next couple of years, the suspension would most likely
>be a poor one and my faith in the all mighty Nano isn't that high.
>I believe that many of the people frozen today will be revived but nott
>those who are frozen poorly, of which I would consider myself if I were to
>die.  So basically I believe that if I were to need cryonics in the next
>couple of yearsI don't think it would be able to help me as time delays
>and such would result in a very poor suspension.

Brett has hit one big nail on the head. The lack of faith in current
technology is a big problem. In my own experience, this is a fact. It
when I tell people of how some types of cryonics are used in life saving
surgery. In the case of life saving surgery, they understand that 
it works, because it's been done. Maybe it'll take bringing back to life
a person who has been pronounced legally dead to help convince more
people. Few believed in cloning , until they saw Dolly. Some still
don't accept it.

It's the case in many situations right from the early days of organ
transplants. It's almost stupid that one breakthrough does make
people at large believe in greater possibilities. They've accepted
organ transplants from the recently deceased, but they have a hard
time with accepting organs from genetically engineered animals,
not because it means taking the life of another creature, but simply
because it's a pig's heart or whatever. They've accepted short jaunts
to the moon, but have a hard time with the idea of actually 
living there. The cloning thing opened a
another can of worms. I find the act of cloning another human
being a problem because of ethical issues related to the resulting
child-rearing and nurturing that would be needed. On one level
it will be another option for people who cannot have children 
the old fashioned way. But,many people's fears appear to have some
sort of religious basis.  


"It irritates me that neither Lycurgus nor Plato had any knowledge of
How remote from such perfection would Plato find that Republic which he
thought up
'viri a diis recentes' (men fresh from the gods)."
-Michel de Montaigne (1533-1592), "On the Cannibals",an essay.

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