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Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998 08:33:17 -0400 (EDT)
From: The Hitman <>
Subject: Re: Signing up

Hara ra wrote:
> Cost of a neuro insurance policy at your age is about $4500. That's under 4
> years at $100/mo.

If that is the case there isn't a chance I could afford it, not to mention
I assume you mean American$.  Right now atthe end of the month I have
problems affording a box of Kraft Dinner.  If I were to do that I would
need the srvice soon as I would starve to death.  $100/ month is what I 
spend on food a month.  And I am talking Canadian $.  In American $ that 
would  be about $140/month for insurance.

> We all seem to have an "I'm immortal" meme in our 20s and early 30s.

I disagree, if that were the case I wouldn't even have considered cryonics

> All I can say is no contract = no suspension = 100% death rate. 

That is 100% death rate for those who die, which is probably quite a bit
less than 1% of people my age.  Then multiply that by the odds of the 
suspension being good enough and it become a value judgement about
how much the effect on your present quality of life is worth compared
to the very small chance of needing suspension and it being good enough
to have any value.  Right now that judgement has to go towards present
quality of life. 

Brett Corlett

Faculty of Engineering, Carleton University
Suspension and Steering Team Leader, Formula SAE

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