X-Message-Number: 10098
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 09:42:52 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Kevin Q. Brown" <>
Subject: Ten Years of CryoNet

The first CryoNet message was sent out the evening of July 24, 1988,
so this digest completes the tenth year of CryoNet.  Thanks much
to everyone who has contributed to it over the years.  Over ten
thousand messages, from several hundred people, have been broadcast
to the list.  All those messages are archived and, thanks to Keith Lynch,
readily available on-line.  The events leading to the creation of CryoNet
are not in those archives, though, so here is a brief recap.

The USENET sci.nanotech news group, moderated by John Storrs Hall,
began in early 1988.  Shortly afterward, the topic of cryonics
arose on that group and generated a _lot_ of traffic.  I suggested
creating a cryonics-related news group, but that idea met little
enthusiasm, so the cryonics mailing list (CryoNet) was born.
Creation of a USENET news group, especially a sci.* news group,
involves some bureaucracy and formal procedures, but anyone who
has an email account can run his/her own mailing list.  (Of course,
an _automated_ mailing list requires special programming.)
The rest is, if not history, at least in the archives.

    Kevin Q. Brown

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