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From:  (Micheal B. O'Neal)
Subject: Re: Scientific debate: some questions
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Date: Fri, 17 Jul 1992 21:40:24 GMT

In article ,  (Perry E. Metzger) 

> The basic problem is avoiding damage during freezing. Vitrification is
> the conversion into a solid without freezing; with enough
> cryoprotectants of the proper types tissues vitrify rather than
> freezing. Vitrification techniques are becoming more and more
> advanced; it is now possible to vitrify rabbit kidneys and get them to
> successfully transplant back into the original rabbit with reasonable
> regularity (although not absolute reliability).


Are you sure about this.  I was under the impression that Greg Fahy had
been able to perfuse rabbit kidneys with a level of cryoprotectant that
WOULD ALLOW vitrification and then recover those kidneys (flush the cryo-
protectant) and show that they were functional (through transplantation?), 
but that he had NOT actually vitrified them.

Could someone shed some light on this?  


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