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Date: Fri, 17 Jul 92 19:51:01 PDT
From: Lola McCrary <>
Subject: cryonics: #1006 - #1017

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Bob Smart writes:

As for the excessive noise level on sci.cryonics, do we have any consensus
about how best to deal with invasions by detractors?  How can we discourage
endless repetitions of simpleminded, logically spongy attacks by the
militantly uninformed, while still remaining hospitable to the genuinely
curious?  My attempts at intimidation-by-confrontational-snottiness haven't
greatly dissuaded contributions from our latest upstart; reasonable, patient
replies by other, more restrained parties don't seem to have satisfied him
either. Is there anything to be done? Should we just ignore such people in
the hope that they'll eventually get bored and leave? Or do you think this
sort of problem will normally be rare enough that it doesn't really require
any special policy or tactics, it'll mostly take care of itself?  Basically,
how can we avoid losing control of the agenda and usage of sci.cryonics?

Lola responds:

The "sci" designation here was the most prestigious way to get this group on the

net with the least amount of controversy and providing the most access.  Some of
those of us who backed and supported this group did so so that people who
haven't already investigated cryonics would have exposure.

I strongly feel that you are one of the main one causing problems in regards to
Steve and others with questions.  This group is for newbies and their
questions, I think.  The converted already read the literature.  People
respond to snitty remarks with snitty remarks and attacks with attacks.
Steve's questions are good ones, and ones we should think about.  In my opinion
you do not change anyone's worldview by telling them that worldview is idiotic.

I also resent the implication that any question, even one asked several times,
is an uninformed question.  Steve has responded that some of the answers he
received have caused him to think about things.  And some of the questions he
originally asked he is now asking in different ways.  In my mind this is an
attempt to understand our worldview.

In my experience, when I first started asking questions about cryonics, the
rote, pat answers that often seemed to be pulled out to familiar questions
annoyed me.  It implied that the person answering was much more clever or
sensible than I was because they *knew* the answer, rather than giving the
impression of having thought the answer through.  I feel the best approach to
questions is to act as if you've never heard it before, have thought it through
yourself, and are interested in *discussing* the answers, not in dictating

I also worry that this attitude towards him or any other person will drive away
those who are interested because they will see cryonicists as a bunch of
self-righteous, closedminded, smartasses.

You are not, Bob, in case you didn't notice, the only knowledgable person out
there responding to these people and their questions.  If their attitude bugs
you, let someone else with a little more patience respond.  They are and will.


Lola McCrary

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