X-Message-Number: 10203
Subject: The Imminent Millenial Eschaton
Date: Sat, 08 Aug 1998 16:20:34 -0400
From: "Perry E. Metzger" <>

> From: Peter Merel <>
> I confess Perry's recent silence on the rest of my postings is one of
> the most ominous signs of trouble I've encountered. I know Perry to be a 
> most determined and patient defender of his positions - if he has been so
> easily convinced by these posts then there is trouble indeed.
> But I'll not take silence as assent - what say, Perry, do you still think
> Jeffrey and I are nuts or are you beginning to think there is really 
> something to worry about?

I still think you're nuts, but I decided there was little point in
discussing it at length. I've been monitoring lots of Y2K verification 
tests at clients, and I've done a bunch of the work, and I personally
*know* that the problems will be minor and surmountable. I am
therefore not worried. As I noted, most organizations other than
governments don't survive long by being totally incompetant.

You might ask why I don't bother to continue to respond. Unlike
questions such as the nature of consciousness, where the entire matter
is one of philosophical argumentation, this is a question of raw
facts, and I don't see how interesting it could be for me to just keep
repeating them like a mangra. There is no need to wait very long
periods to get an answer here. In 17 months, we'll just know who's
right, and 17 months is a blink of an eye.

There *are* some interesting things from my perspective here -- for
instance, whether our secular civilization has replaced religious
millenial eschatology with a new secular computerized one, and whether 
I'll ever again trust the friends who tell me about the outrageous
fees they are charging stupid organizations for certifying that
everything they own (practically even the urinals) is "Y2K
Compliant". However, I doubt that these questions are of interest to
the list.


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