X-Message-Number: 1021
Date: 19 Jul 92 02:22:03 EDT
From: Bob Smart <>
Subject: CRYONET: Snottiness

Well, I think Lola is onto something in her remarks about me; certainly it
takes at least two to make a flamefest.  Thanks for the reminder that I'm
not the only person who can run out and Defend the Faith; I tend to forget
that.  I'll be HAPPY to stick Mr. Balogh in my kill-file!  To those of you
with calmer dispositions, bon chance.
Frankly, what irritates me the most about him is not that he's ignorant, or
even that he dares to disagree with my own humble opinions.  I think he's a
fool, and it's always been a major button of mine to see someone parading
foolishness as if it were some sort of virtue.  Not that I don't do it
myself, of course, but that's why his every word grates on me so.  He keeps
saying he's "asking questions," but frankly, I don't believe him.  Somebody
who genuinely wants to know what's going on says, "What do you mean by
'deanimate' and how is that different from 'die'," not, "Why do you people
insist on hiding behind stupid euphemisms like 'deanimate' all the time?"
Especially when the question, belligerently phrased as it may have been, has
been answered several times without apparent effect.  Last I looked, he was
still blathering about "frozen corpses" and "zombies" and "laughing, happy
children," so I'm afraid I haven't much hope for his educability.  But, as
Lola was kind enough to point out, that needn't be my problem....

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