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Date: Mon, 10 Aug 1998 19:47:23 EDT
Subject: Saul Kent visits

Saul Kent visited Mae and me for a couple of hours on Sunday. He looks

Although nothing Saul said was labeled confidential, I'll still refrain from
mentioning some aspects of the conversation--in particular the plans,
contingencies, and relationships of the various organizations and potential
organizations, insofar as they are not readily ascertainable. Suffice it to
say that, as usual, anyone contemplating any action of any sort should try to
become as well informed as possible, and check out the details. And then

He has the impression (and recounted some specifics to back it up) that
scientists, including cryobiologists--at least some of them--are becoming much
less afraid of association with cryonicists. In particular, they are not
afraid of association with 21CM (Twenty First Century Medicine), which is not
a cryonics organization but is "infested" with cryonicists. 

He knows of new anti-senescence drugs in development that may, within the next
few years, mark significant advances. (Hang in there, old farts.)

21CM has ambitious plans, a growing professional staff, and a rising
anticipation of relatively early results in various fields, including salable
products perhaps as early as next year. Although it is not a cryonics
organization, some of its effort will be applicable to cryonics. Cryobiologist
Dr. Gregory Fahy is employed essentially full time at 21CM.

BioPreservation has signed a new one-year contract to provide preparation
services to CryoCare. (Previously, public statements had indicated that BP
would be out of that business at the end of 1998.) Saul would like all the
organizations to have available, and to support, the most advanced preparation
services. How this might develop is not yet clear. (Cryonics Institute intends
to make all feasible options available to its members, as soon as practical.)

Long life to Saul and to all--

Robert Ettinger
Cryonics Institute
Immortalist Society

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