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Date: Mon, 10 Aug 1998 16:46:42 +0100
From:  (John de Rivaz)
Subject: Re: Degrees

In article: <> Paul Wakfer 
> Here Ettinger shows his true colors and intent: to raise his own
> personal stature and that of his organization at every possible turn,
> never mind that distortions are made nor that others are often
> denigrated in the process.

I would question whether it is a good idea for anyone to "raise their own
personal stature and that of their organization at every possible turn, 
especially if that organisation is the oldest of its type and has 
demonstrably been successful in raising funds and performing research. 
Robert Ettinger comes across as far too rational a person to attempt such a 

The difficulty I see is that in cryonics there are few "punters" and many 
different ideas as to what is wise research. Just like the real world 
really, where scientists of all types are cutting each others throats to get 
research funding. 

The difference with cryonics is that the movement could well shake itself to 
pieces if this level of debate got out of hand. There is very little funding 
available and the more individuals jump in with ideas trying to gather money 
for them the thinner the helpings will be.

The Life Extension Foundation has shown how it can be done - offer people 
products and use the profits to pay for research. LEF did pass out the 
begging bowl in the early days, and got precious few takers as fas as I can 
recall (donors were listed in Anti Aging News, and I don't think they got 
anything like ten million dollars)

But they eventually got where they wanted to be by hard work and business 
enterprise - offering people what they wanted for a good old fashioned 
capitalist profit. No other organisation has got anywhere near their level 
of achievement. Their message is clear - if you want to fund research make 
the money yourself to do it, don't ask others to give it to you. It is not 
clear because they (necessarily) said it in a clear way, they have 
demonstrated it by their actions. Actions speak louder than words.

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