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Date: Sun, 19 Jul 92 15:33 GMT
From: David Brandt-Erichsen <>

From:  David Brandt-Erichsen, Tucson <>
> Subject:  Alcor Arizona Chapter Agreement

An Alcor Arizona Chapter has been formed and is in the process of 
incorporating.  Interim officers are President Mark Voelker, Vice 
President Bobbi Kraver, Secretary Rick Potvin, and Treasurer Ted 
Kraver.  The mailing address is PO Box 37031, Phoenix, AZ 85069.  
A chapter agreement submitted by the Arizona Chapter has been 
approved by the Alcor Board of Directors.  The text of this 
agreement is as follows:

AGREEMENT between Alcor Arizona Chapter, Inc., hereinafter 
referred to as the Chapter, and the Alcor Life Extension 
Foundation, Inc., of Riverside, California, hereinafter referred 
to as Alcor.

1.  The Chapter is an incorporated or unincorporated association 
of persons who have joined together to further the interests and 
purposes of Alcor, especially within the geographic region served 
by the Chapter.

2.  The Chapter must have at least five members who are 
suspension members of Alcor.  The officers and directors of the 
Chapter must be suspension members of Alcor.  

3.  The Chapter must supply Alcor with copies of its Bylaws and 
(if incorporated) its Articles of Incorporation.  These must 
establish a purpose consistent with the purpose of Alcor.

4.  The Chapter may not act as a representative of Alcor in any 
capacity without permission of Alcor.  All the Chapter's 
letterheads, newsletters, telephone answering machines, 
statements to individuals, groups, and so forth shall clearly 
identify the Chapter as the source, as opposed to Alcor.  In 
doing so, however, the Chapter has permission to use "Alcor" in 
its name.

5.  If the Chapter produces a newsletter, it shall provide Alcor 
a subscription at no cost to Alcor.

6.  Each January the Chapter shall provide to Alcor an annual 
report consisting of (1) a financial report for the previous 
year, (2) a list of the names, addresses, and phone numbers of 
the officers, directors, and members of the Chapter, and (3) a 
report of the activities the Chapter has undertaken during the 
previous year.  If activities are reported in a newsletter during 
the year, these need not be included in the annual report.

7.  The Chapter shall be financially independent of Alcor.  No 
debts incurred by either party shall be incurred by the other, 
and no assets acquired by either party shall be owned by the 
other.  The Chapter shall take sole responsibility for its 
dealings with the IRS, including but not limited to paying any 
taxes due or obtaining any tax-exempt status.

8.  Alcor Certified Transport Technicians shall be under the 
direction of Alcor and not the Chapter.

9.  By accepting this agreement, Alcor recognizes the Chapter as 
an official chapter of Alcor.  

10.  Either party may terminate this agreement at any time by 
notifying the other party in writing.  In the event this 
agreement is terminated, the Chapter will no longer be a chapter 
of Alcor and will no longer have the right to use "Alcor" in its 

Signed:  __________________________________________________
         President of the Chapter

Date:    ________________________

Signed:  __________________________________________________
         President of Alcor

Date:    _________________________

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