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From: "Timur Rozenfeld" <>
Subject: Values
Date: Sat, 15 Aug 1998 10:57:06 -0600

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> I tend to define fundamental human goals as phenotypical, based on my 
empirical observations of human
> behavior.  Men and women have allowed the skin

> to be slowly and totally flayed from their bodies rather than renounce their 
gods.  I don't think goals get much > more fundamental than that.  =

> may consider them mentally ill, but you can only "prove" that within the 
confines of your own tidy little world
> view, which is *not* universally
> shared.

I agree that goals can be pretty fundamental as you say in the first part of the
paragraph. I disagree that you can't show that those values =

are irrational. To take an extreme example, if an action is self-destructive, 
hurts your friends, brings you and everybody around =

you misery, and you still wish to continue taking that action because you don't 
want to think about, your choice can be called irrational.

Timur Rozenfeld

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