X-Message-Number: 10245
Date: Sat, 15 Aug 1998 12:43:25 -0700
From: Peggy Moore <>
Subject: How about taking that stuff elsewhere?
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First of all, thank you, Kennita (#10234), for your light interjection.  It made
my day.

I have been watching cryonet for several months now and have seen threads go up 
and down about why cryonics is not catching on very fast and other threads about
esoteric mathematical concepts that cannot be of interest to many and are most 
certainly not particularly relevant to main stream
cryonics.  Am I alone in seeing a possible connection here?

Why is it that Ettinger and Donaldson and others use this forum, which is 
supposed to be about cryonics, to expound on esoteric mathematical topics that, 
at best, take up download time and disk space, and, at worst, turn off those of 
us who would like to participate in discussions about real
world cryonics?

Perhaps cryonics isn't "catching on" in some small way because many visitors to 
this forum are quickly turned off by the large percentage of the material here 
that has nothing to do with everyday cryonics.   I don't think one needs to be 
conversant in mathematical formal systems nor the ins

and outs of Goedel's theorem to participate in the cryonics community.  How 
about taking that stuff elsewhere?  It's not that it doesn't have merit, but it 
doesn't belong here and may be causing more harm than we know.

BTW, I am a member of Alcor and have a degree in Mathematics, so am not 
disinterested.  I'm just tired and bored with the irrelevant wrangling that I 
have to sift through here.

Peggy J. Moore

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