X-Message-Number: 10248
Date: Sun, 16 Aug 1998 03:57:15 -0700
From: Peter Merel <>
Subject: Riding for Falls and other amusements

Bob on Goedel: lots of noise, no signal. Do the math or let it go. No shame
in that.

Thomas on words vs. math: sure, computability doesn't apply to words. Words 
are the language of specification; you can specify, for example, a machine 
that can solve the general halting problem, no worries. In fact I just did.
Goedel only tells you there are inescapable gaps between what you can specify 
and what you can construct.

Timur on reality: you say our constructions are similar, and so we can presume
they derive from an underlying reality. I've seen people tango; when the
music stops, where can I find the underlying dance?

All on questioning emminence: question 'em! These guys all put their pants on
one leg at a time. Just don't tell me the're wrong till you have proof.

The Ominous Silence on Y2k: here's some *really* scary ones. If these don't
freak you out explain it here so I can resume my normal sleep cycle:


Peter Merel.

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