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Date: Sun, 16 Aug 1998 03:24:27 +0000
From: Kennita Watson <>
Subject: Re: How about taking that stuff elsewhere?

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From: Peggy Moore <>:
Subject: How about taking that stuff elsewhere?
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> First of all, thank you, Kennita (#10234), for your light interjection.  It 
> made my day.

Glad to be of service :-) .

> I have been watching cryonet for several months now and have seen threads 
> go up and down about why cryonics is not catching on very fast and other
> threads about esoteric mathematical concepts that cannot be of interest 
> to many and are most certainly not particularly relevant to main stream
> cryonics.  Am I alone in seeing a possible connection here?

A while back, I went to dinner with a group of Alcor meeting attendees.
As I recall, of the eight people at the table, six of them had degrees
in mathematics, most of them Ph.D.'s.

> I don't think one needs to be conversant in mathematical formal systems 
> nor the ins and outs of Goedel's theorem to participate in the cryonics 
> community.

But it may be necessary to an appreciation of cryonics as currently
presented.  (There are better and more useful things to say about that,
but I got tired of rewriting and it's after 3 and I want to go to bed.)

> BTW, I am a member of Alcor and have a degree in Mathematics,

[I must pause for a laugh here]

> so am not disinterested.  I'm just tired and bored with the irrelevant 
> wrangling that I have to sift through here.

Perhaps not so irrelevant.  Maybe we need to listen to some 
non-mathematically-minded cryonicists (how many are there?) tell more
about their interest in cryonics, and look at getting our message out
in different language. 

Kennita (MSCS from MIT/Stanford, maeaning I've studied calculus, logic,
probability, and linear algebra -- not quite a degree in mathematics, but
enough that I doun't count as "non-mathematically-minded" by any means)

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