X-Message-Number: 1025
Date: 19 Jul 92 18:41:31 EDT
From: brenda Peters <> <- Actually, Courtney Smith
Subject: NY News for Cryonnet


Three members of Alcor NY's Stabilization Team responded to a call for help 
from a new member in Boston. Due to a severe thunderstorm, it took about 10 
hours from the time of the call from Alcor HQ to reaching the hospital. 
Fortunately the member did not deanimate but it provided the NY Team with 
valuable experience.

Due to the Boston situation, there were no training sessions in NY. Because 
our equipment is still in Boston, our usual bi-weekly training sessions will 
start at the end of July.

Only one member of our Stabilization Team has yet received a hepatitis B shot,
Gerry Arthus. However, Stanley Gerber and Curt Henderson have committed to 
accomplishing this before the next meeting. Curt is also looking into getting 
insurance for the stabilization equipment and will report back to the group at
the next meeting.

We have acquired a van for our Stabilization Team from Gerry Arthus, our 
Coordinator. It is being outfitted for our stabilization equipment. These 
modifications will take a couple of months.

Our list of stabilization equipment continues to grow. We recently obtained 
two new oxygen tanks, an instrument table (from Alcor HQ), and a new copy of 
the transport manual. Our list of equipment still to purchase includes: a new 
gurney, a Resusci-Annie, and EMT badges and lab coats for the Team. We are 
still deciding whether we are going to get a shipping box from Alcor HQ or 
build one ourselves.

We have decided to abandon the Alcor NY newsletter because of a lack of 
response and because the editor, Charles Platt, is starting a new cryonics 
publication, Cryonet Digest, and will be focussing his efforts in that 
direction. We will therefore be going back to sending postcards to our mailing
list to tell them about upcoming events. However, there will be an Alcor NY 
section in the Digest.

It was decided that all officers of Alcor NY must be signed up suspension 
members of Alcor throughout their term. It was further decided that if a 
person resigns or is removed from office, an election is held to replace that 
person at the following meeting.

Curtis Henderson, Esq, an attorney, is looking into obtaining tax exempt 
status for Alcor NY.

Our focus over the last year has been to form the best stabilization team 
anywhere and we feel have made a lot of progress in that direction. The 
momentum is strong enough that we now want to turn our attention to research. 
The famous c. elegans experiment is the first step in that regard. Gerry 
believes that he will finish the experiment by the end of August.

A group is being formed in the NY area by Ira Weinstein (212) 307-5160 that 
will be a support group for those who are interested in cryonics but have not 
yet signed up. Please give him a call for further information.

Brenda Peter's outreach program has been extremely successful. She has 
catalyzed new groups in Philadelphia and Washington DC. The Philadelphia 
meeting might have as many as 15 members and 20 students at the first meeting 
which will be held on August 15. Saul Kent and Mike Darwin will be attending 
that meeting. Washington DC will have their meeting on August 9 and Saul and 
Mike will be the special guests there, as well.

Brenda will be continuing her outreach program sometime in August when she 
contacts people in the immediate NY area, Boston area, and other northeast 
areas. We hope that you will come to our meetings and get involved.

Alcor NY contributed $85 to the MIT Nanotech group to help them continue their
operations. This group has been a good recruiting arena for Alcor and has been
the source for several key Alcor members, particularly in the Boston area.

Financially, we are doing fine as far as operating expenses go. However, we 
have a list of training and equipment items that we would like to acquire that
cost about $3,000. We have about $1,000 that can go toward these acquisitions 
so we need to raise about $2,000 before the end of the year. Our President, 
Brenda Peters, just sent out a fundraising letter to local members asking for 
donations or payment of dues to Alcor NY. We don't know the response yet. 
Please contribute to our drive. The life you save may be your own.

Our local President, Brenda Peters, is also a member of the Board of Directors
of Alcor and attends the Board meetings by phone. She reports on those 
meetings at the monthly meetings of Alcor NY.

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