X-Message-Number: 10251
Date: Sun, 16 Aug 1998 09:26:07 -0700 (PDT)
From: Doug Skrecky <>
Subject: Section 57 versus cryonics

In Message #10240  (John de Rivaz) wrote:
> >In some countries, such as the Canadian provice of British Columbia, and 
> >also France, the end game has already started with the authorities simply 
> >banning cryonics.
>The reason is making money and obtaining positions of power. Both these 
>bans have been discussed on Cryonet before, but I know there are people 
>resident in these countries who read Cryonet, so maybe they have
>something to add.
 Cryonics itself is not (quite) banned here in BC. Instead companies in
this province are banned from offering cryonics services. Canadians can
still sign up with American cryonics firms.

 Section 57 of the Cemetary and Funeral Services act states:
 "Arrangements forbidden
   57. No person shall offer for sale or sell any arrangement for the
preservation or storage of human remains based on cryonics, irradiation or
any other means of preservation or storage, by whatever name called, that
is offered or sold on the expectation of the resuscitation of human
remains at a future time."
 I sent a letter to the powers that be about this. It appears
likely that if and when reversible cryopreservation of human organs can be
demonstrated that section 57 may be reconsidered. 
 All this "high minded" conservatism cames to you from the province that
is home to the wild and wacky Vancouver stock exchange, which itself would
undoubtedly be declared illegal and shut down, if only it wasn't so

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