X-Message-Number: 10260
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 1998 17:07:45 -0700
From: Peter Merel <>
Subject: Dancin'

Timur Rozenfeld writes,

>The underlying dance does not exist in reality, it is a concept held by 
>each partner in their minds. Each person holds a very similar concept of
>the dance, and that is why it works. The only metaphysical existents are 
>the ground, the music, the people and the movements of each person.

The dance does not exist, but the people do? My heart beats, my neurons
fire, my corpuscles flow in an intricate dance of their own; when that
dance is interrupted, where goes the underlying person?

The dance does not exist, but the music does? When I take the notes of the
tango and jumble them, even though I expend the same energy in sounding
them, where goes the underlying music?

The dance does not exist, but the movements of each person do? Then take
these motions and rearrange their order; when the dancers collide where
goes their underlying movement?

The dance does not exist, but the ground does? Earthquakes are common;
when the earth resumes its own dance where goes the underlying ground?

Your metaphysical existents appear wholely dependent upon these dances
you say do not exist. I suggest an alternative epistemology: the natural
world and all its phenomena are grounded in dance; study dance, and these
underlying existents will swiftly return to the imagination from which
they spring.

Peter Merel.

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