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Date: Mon, 17 Aug 1998 11:13:14 -0700
From: Paul Wakfer <>
Subject: Re: CryoNet #10255 How about taking that stuff elsewhere?
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In Message #10255 "Chris Fideli" <> wrote a parody
of the working assumptions of most cryonicists toward non-cryonicists
and the promotion and marketing of cryonics.

> 1) Most people are irrational neurotics, who don't know what's good for them
> and can't be told either.

> 2) If we try to actively change the political landscape to make cryonics
> more popular, the only thing we might do is provoke the religious right to
> shut us down.

> 3) Ergo, lets hang out and play math games until the scientists learn to
> revive a frozen rat.  And then . . . we'll tell the public that science has
> revived a frozen rat!

To which I add:

4) We certainly don't have to bother ourselves to hasten this
achievement, as a few of our misguided friends annoyingly continue to
preach, because with our perfect foresight (which so few other
scientists have, sad to tell), we know that Nanotechnology will restore
us to life no matter how we are frozen.

5) In addition, we know that showing our sincerity and setting a good
example by strongly supporting research to perfect suspended animation
can't possibly have any effect on such irrational neurotics.

6) Finally, even if suspended animation is perfected, our perfect
foresight tells us in advance that such an achievement will convince few
if any of these irrational neurotics of the desirability of extended
life and the workability of cryonics as a method to achieve it. 

Anyone who doesn't think as above and entertains the possibility that
such conclusions just may be wrong, should seriously consider financial
support for the Hippocampal Slice Cryopreservation Project. It is an
essential first large step on the road to perfected suspended animation.
If you really do care to be alive with your loved ones 200 years from
now, you will apply some of your assets toward increasing your chances
of achieving this long-range, but attainable goal.

Please send your tax deductible research donation to:

Institute for Neural Cryobiology
8439 White Oak Ave Suite 110
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730-3860

-- Paul --

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