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Subject: Dance
Date: Tue, 18 Aug 1998 12:43:57 -0600

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Timur Rozenfeld writes,

>>The underlying dance does not exist in reality, it is a concept held by
>>each partner in their minds. Each person holds a very similar concept of
>>the dance, and that is why it works. The only metaphysical existents are
>>the ground, the music, the people and the movements of each person.

The dance does not exist, but the people do? My heart beats, my neurons
fire, my corpuscles flow in an intricate dance of their own; when that
dance is interrupted, where goes the underlying person?

I think you are using the word dance to denote many different concepts, and also
looking back on what I wrote, it was definitely not clear what =

I had written, so I will rephrase it rather than to continue to address your 
different points.

What I am saying is that the concept of dance exists in our minds, but the 
motions, the heartbeats, corpuscles and all other entities, actions, =

etc. working together do make up a dance, so I think we are in agreement here. 
All I was trying to say, is that what we classify as dance, the =

concept, is a human construction which identifies individual motions, people, 
etc. which *do* exist with similar properties and lops them =
together under the category dance.

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