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From: "Timur Rozenfeld" <>
Subject: Rationality
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 10:35:31 -0600

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> I'd suggest, contrariwise, it's in you interests to harmonize with the
> folk around you. If they're irrational, it will pay you to be irrational,
> or at least make a show of it. Being rational among the irrational can get
> you burned at the stake.

In the example above, I do agree that making a show of being irrational keeps 
you off the stake. But you can still be rational internally as you =

> But there's more to this. Many delightful activities - eating, sex, skiing
> naked - have no rational basis. If you decline such activities on the basis
> that they have no reason, you miss most of life's savour. Reason is, to me,
> no more than a tool; to be taken in hand when it's useful, and put carefully
> away when it's not.

Excuse me, but the activities are above are *very* rational as they add value to
your life. What would be irrational is to neglect your human =

needs, desires and requirements for happiness. I think that you are viewing 
rationality as strictly deductive from the old rationalistic =
philosophy perspective, which I don't subscribe to.

Timur Rozenfeld

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