X-Message-Number: 10278
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 07:59:45 -0700
From: Peter Merel <>
Subject: Existin'

Timur Rozenfeld writes,

>All I was trying to say, is that what we classify as dance, the 
>concept, is a human construction which identifies individual motions, 
>people, etc. which *do* exist with similar properties and lops them 
>together under the category dance.

I'm afraid I think we're still coming at this from different angles; it
seems to me you're saying reality is composed of distinct parts with
concrete properties and that only our perception of their relationship
is a human construction. I'm suggesting, instead, that reality is a 
nonsense-word for a vastly grand, subtle, intimately continuous process 
that's differentiated and perceived only by human construction, and that
existence is only the exigency with which we focus our attention.


For those that think this kind of noodling has no place on cryonet:

Cryonics naturally attracts souls who'll argue about two flies 
walking up a wall. From its outset cryonet has tolerated this.

Whether that's for the best is a fair question. I'd suggest someone
who feels concerned attempt to provide a moderated version of cryonet 
that shares its best and most technical articles. I seem to recall that 
at one time there was such a list - perhaps there still is? 

For myself, though I often feel cryonet has wandered far from its focus,
I'm content that it returns to center when relevant signal becomes 
available. I often just skim the thing - many of our best here have yet
to learn the soul of wit :-)

Peter Merel.

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