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Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 09:39:34 -0700
From: "Joseph J. Strout" <>
Subject: Re: reanimation, postage due

In Message #10274, Jan Coetzee <> writes:
>              " Would-be resurrectionists beware:
>                The insurance money only covers the
>                freezing. Thawing and reviving will,
>                presumably, be cod."
>This becomes very serious when more and more people are suspended and should
>be taken very seriously.

I disagree.  We're talking about a matter of life and death here; the big
concerns are whether we'll get a good suspension, and whether we'll remain
in suspension until the necessary technology is developed (surviving
political & economic upheaval, religious terrorism, natural disaster,
etc.).  If we make it through all of that, everything else is minor details.

I especially don't think funding the revival is likely to be a big deal.
Consider that the cryonics organization has, for each patient, a large
fund, which hopefully has grown substantially over several deaceds, and
which they can't touch except for maintenance expenses.  But they DO get to
use it all for reanimation.  That's a substantial chunk of money, and may
pay for it outright.  If not, our children, relatives, or friends may pay
for the remainder.  If not, a national/global health care system may pay
for it (assuming the Libertarians haven't sunk society into anarchy by
then), or some charity organization may do the same.  If all those fail, we
may wake up in debt -- but so what?  I'll cheerfully provide a few decades
of indentured service in exchange for many centuries more of life.

Best regards,
-- Joe

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