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Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 14:25:58 -0700
From: Paul Wakfer <>
Subject: Incompleteness, Constuctivism, Reality, Happiness

I think this is way off topic and should not be on CryoNet. But since
others are determined to continue it (even after many previous
sessions). I decided that I might as well report my position on the

Over 30 years ago, when I was an active professor of mathematics with my
specialty the foundations of mathematics and my PhD thesis (unfinished)
topic in algebraic logic, I too read, understood and accepted the
validity of Goedel's incompleteness theorem. This result bothered me a
great deal, as did the uncertainty principle in physics. However, I had
also never been happy with the idea of actually infinite sets or the
existence of the actually infinite as being part of reality as I
understood it. Therefore, when I heard about constructivism (which was
barely beginning at the time, 1967), my solution was to adopt
constructivism as the basis for my philosophical approach to the
foundations of mathematics.

Although it is decades since I have been an active mathematician and I
have not kept up with it at all (so do not expect me to explain any of
my previous conclusions :-), I have seen no reason to change those
conclusions. If/when I am satisfied that cryonics will provide me with
some reasonable chance of personal survival, I plan to return first to
mathematics to get up-to-date and perhaps to work at its foundations,
and later go on to work with the foundations of physics.

My view of reality, is one of increasing complexity and "strangeness" at
values of physical parameters (space, time, mass, density, energy,
velocity, temperature, pressure, etc. - some of these in both value and
interval), the further they are removed from those of our immediate
experience. Since I expect no end to these "new frontiers" as our
knowledge builds (so-called "theories of everything" are just so much
nonsense, IMO), I also see no time in the future when there will not be
more unsolved mathematics and physic problems to keep me in ecstasy from
the mentally activity of thinking about them and attempting their
solution. Currently, at great short-term personal sacrifice, I am
managing with very little of this mental ecstasy which has always been
my most precious activity. I look forward to an unbounded lifespan of
such activity which will soon make up the deficit that I am incurring.
To the extent which others are not helping my efforts, their
indifference, or even hostility is preventing my attainment of maximal
life happiness as I see it. Naturally, from time to time, I get
resentful about this and I apologize if I have offended anyone by doing

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-- Paul --

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