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Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 13:19:22 -0700
From: Paul Wakfer <>
Subject: Re: CryoNet #10273 Promotion
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> Message #10273
> From: "Chris Fideli" <>
> Subject: promotion
> Date: Tue, 18 Aug 1998 16:39:29 -0400

>Money I don't have - I'm an impoverished student with nothing to donate to
>the Hippocampal Slice project.   What I do have is time and energy.  To be
>honest, I'm almost literally dying to help out.  I hate the feeling of not
>being able to do more then I'm doing to save my own life.
>And this is a question I've asked a couple of the members of cryonics
>organizations that I've come in contact with: "Anything I can do to help?"
>No one seemed to have any ideas for me.  Here I am, a 24 year old kid
>willing to work for free!  I've never been involved in an organization in my
>life that didn't jump all over an offer for volunteer work.  But now that
>I'm involved in something I actually give a shit about, it seems as if
>there's nothing for me to do.
>So instead, I've been thinking about ways to publicize cryonics, posting on
>this list and using my rhetorical skills on friends and family.  If anyone
>else can put me to use in the work of promoting cryonics, please let me
>know.  Otherwise I'll just keep bugging everyone on here with my worthless
>suggestions  : )

I would be very pleased to have you help promote cryopreservation
research, specifically at the moment, the Hippocampal Slice
Project, and to also do fund raising for it.

People are probably tired of *me* soliciting them, and frankly I am
of it too. I need some help and some new ideas.

If you are interested to help you should start by reading the three web

If you are still interested then we should enter into a dialogue to try
to get further in promotion and fund raising for these ideas.

Finally, on cryonics promotion in general, I do agree that more,
and better promotion is necessary. I just don't believe that attempting
now will be nearly as effective use of time and effort in the long run
using that same time and effort to promote and fund research. Once we
we get better research results and suspension methods, any time and
spent on promotion and enrollment for cryonics will be more productive.
This belief is strengthened by the fact that the cost of reaching
animation goals which should have a major impact upon the public through
the science and media establishment, is relatively small and should be
easily affordable by the current small number of cryonicists if they
would only demonstrate that love of life which they all profess to have.

-- Paul --

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