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From: "Timur Rozenfeld" <>
Subject: Reality
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1998 13:02:55 -0600

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> I'm afraid I think we're still coming at this from different angles; it
> seems to me you're saying reality is composed of distinct parts with
> concrete properties and that only our perception of their relationship
> is a human construction. I'm suggesting, instead, that reality is a
> nonsense-word for a vastly grand, subtle, intimately continuous process
> that's differentiated and perceived only by human construction, and that
> existence is only the exigency with which we focus our attention.

I am saying that reality is composed of entities, attributes, actions and 
relationships, not only entities as you suggest.

I don't understand what you mean by reality. What do you mean by nonsense word? 
If its a nonsense word that has no meaning, then why =

denote anything with it? The rest of your description is too vague for me to 
comment on.

Timur Rozenfeld

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