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Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1998 16:58:23 -0400
From: Robin Helweg-Larsen <>
Subject: cryonia

Re Cryonia - if you do a web search you get stuff like this:

The King of Cryonica is Shane Allen Mohler, a.k.a. King Jay M. Carlisle
III. Reverend Shane
Allen Mohler currently serves on the ACS Board of Goveners as the
associational secretary.
Jay (?) served the northern California Cryonics Group in a
secretarial capacity for the past two and a half years.
Recently he resigned from that position in order to
concentrate on his newly formed partnership of Biostasis
Associates, a cryonics and related life extention service
provider. As a micronation enthusiast, Jay has founded the
Principality of Cryonica and is intent on expanding
operations in the future. In the life extentions field, Jay has
been a member of TransTime, Alcor, and the American
Cryonics Society and maintains active membership in many
cryonics organizations today. Having recently agreed to edit
the Venturist Monthly News periodical, Reverend Carlisle
will also be teaching the Venturist Ministry courses in
Religious Rights Facilitation starting in June. Jay has
volunteer experiences ranging from suicide counceling,
AIDS counceling and newsletter production. As a freelance journalist,
Jay keeps his
credentials up to date despite over four years of full-time employment
in the title insurance
industry. Investing resposibly in life extention organizations
exemplifies Jay's dedication to
cryonics companies and immortalist community."

This report shows that the letters sent to the Micronational world, via
Mr. Chris Palmer, are either
the product of one man, going under two names, or two seperate
individuals working to
intentionally confuse their identities. And it is further confusing how
someone who has gone to so
much trouble to portray themselves as humanitarian can make these kinds
of "blanket threats" to
people they have never had contact with. And whatever organization gave
him the title of Reverend
should double check his public opinions. As this report shows, both the
names Sahne Allen Mohler
and Jay M Carlisle III use the title, and both have a been linked to the
Principality of Cryonica.

This report ends the investigation by the MSI into the threatening
letters sent by Cryonica, and
earned the Ministry a Gold Star Service Award (Meritorious) from the
Office of HRM King


?Cryonicists have *other* hobbies?

Robin HL

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