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From: "Scott Badger" <>
Subject: Presentation
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1998 17:53:48 -0500

O.K. Here's an idea . . .

This is actually something I think a cryonics trade association would
involve itself in if such an organization existed (hint, hint).

I suspect there are others out there like Chris Fideli ready to volunteer
their time and enthusiasm, but Charles Platt makes a good point that in
order to properly promote cryonics, one must become well-educated in the

Solution: A standardized presentation.

Ideally, the cryonics firms could jointly invest in the production of a
promotional film (20-30 minutes in length perhaps).  The outline could
generally follow the contents of Alcor's "Reaching for Tomorrow", though I
think it would be more exciting to include additional information about some
of the recent and exciting research going on in the fields of
life-extension, nanotechnology, cloning, and cryopreservation.  How many in
the general public, for example, are aware of the telomerase research, or
the recent developments in nanotech research?  In fact, I imagine that
someone has already gone to the trouble of putting together a presentation
which could be modified for these purposes.

Those interested in promoting cryonics on a local basis, could arrange to
present the film to groups, then follow up with a question and answer
period, using the FAQ we already have developed as a guide.  Finally flyers
or brochures could be handed out with contact details on all the firms that
participate, recommended readings, web-sites, etc.  Most decent sized towns
have a huge number of small groups who meet on a regular basis and are
always looking for a presenter with an interesting topic.

If a film is deemed too extravagant, perhaps a well produced Power Point
presentation could be substituted, but let's face it . . . a movie would
have much more impact.

I ask all those who would be interested in making such presentations if the
materials were made available to them to speak up.

BTW, the consumer survey project is making progress and I hope to be able to
report some results in 2-3 months.

Best to all,

Wm. Scott Badger, Ph.D.

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