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From: tolman% (Kenneth Tolman)
Newsgroups: sci.cryonics
Subject: Re: Practical Jokes to play on revived Suspenders
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Date: 20 Jul 92 06:17:41 GMT
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Bring them back surrounded by robots, which declare "This was the last one,
and it looks like it came through.  It would have been a shame to lose that
race altogether"

Bring them back surrounded by people dressed as apes, and they are chained
to the wall. 

Tell them how glad you are they have come back... and that there is this little
matter of a debt which has been accumulating interest for 500 years.  Hand
them a bill...

Smile at them and say, "I'm sorry, by law we had to bring you back, but by
law we must put you back after your allotted time.  You have one minute
to experience life, and then you must go back."

Tell them, "we are so glad you have returned.  However, we do not wish any
bad influences on our perfect society, so we are placing you in a little
white room over here.  We have conquered aging, so don't worry about dying,
you will enjoy your room very much.  There is even a view of the Brackman
building from it."

Hand them a shovel, and point them towards the sewers...

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