X-Message-Number: 10300
Subject: Re: banned in some countries
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 1998 10:10:54 -0500
From: Will Dye <>

In CryoNet Message #10291, Yvan Bozzonetti <> writes:

> I can only speak for France, there is no formal law against cryonics but
> that amount to nearly the same. [...] There is a political police, 
> "the Renseignements generaux" who keep a file of all people acting on
> "unlalful activities" such [as] environment, cryonics or subscribing to
> international science journal (I have been forced by the french custom
> service to drop a subscription for an astronomy journal).

WHAT?!?!  Are you serious?  In France it is illegal to subscribe to an 
international astronomy journal?  This is beyond bizarre.  

>         The only solution is to use CI services from UK  paid up front,
> something I can't do now.  C'est la vie.

I wish you the VERY best of health, Yvan, until you can make arrangements. 


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