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Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 00:32:31 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: The Pleasures of Eternal Life

Just a suggestion.  Perhaps someone has already made it.  Perhaps someone is 
already doing it.

What if we devoted some portion of communication to compiling pleasures for mind
and body as an 
ongoing directory of fun things to do, be and have on this wide, wide world?

My impression of most of us (I have met face-to-face only one other cryonics 
sign-up outside my 

family, who are all members) is one of serious, determined and hard-working 
intellectuals.  What 

I miss in my imbalanced and myopic perspective of what I suspect is the 
authentic situation 
among cryonists, is the FUN.  

If we are dedicated to living longer, I feel there should be some attention 
drawn to the joys of 

living, period.  Perhaps the cryonet is the wrong place for such a gathering of 
suggestions, I 

leave that issue to you to determine, but I am envisioning sharing the items 
which you have 
found especially rewarding somewhere.

I offer four examples which come to mind:

(1) If you like Disneyland but prefer to avoid long lines, I know that going 
there the last week 

of November and the first two weeks of December finds Disneyland with the 
smallest number of 

attendees for the entire year.  If you don't mind rain or cooler weather and can
come during 

such brief times, you will find most of Disneyland deserted except for the rides
and attendants.

(2) If you want to tour Europe but do not want to break the bank, you can pick 
up a current copy 

of Rick Steve's EUROPE THROUGH THE BACK DOOR and, by visiting Europe more like a
native than 

like a tourist, you can cut your trip expenses by more that half.  The trick is 
to stay at local 

hotels where the locals go and to eat like locals limiting restaurant-use and 
expanding picnic 

(3) Carrying a large and heavy wooden cane, preferably with a knob on top is 
magically effective 

in causing automobile drivers to treat you courteously when you cross at 
intersections.  This is 

especially effective if you choke up on the cane about halfway and bob it 
playfully up and down 

on a level with car headlights as you cross the intersection.  Everyone smiles.
The world 

becomes a happier place.  (I have also found that this eases mental disturbances
in ranting 

psychotics we sometimes pass on city sidewalks as well as equally magically 
reduces interactions 
with the street criminal element).

(4) If you live where there is congested traffic and too many crowds for your 
taste but don't 

want to move, see if you can become a night person.  I knew one gentleman who 
lived in San 

Francisco for years and had the streets virtually to himself for driving, 
enjoyed attending 

restaurants where he was commonly the only patron and generally enjoyed a 
"private" city.  He 

simply rose when the sun set and went to bed when the sun rose.  Broad spectrum 
"sun lamps" 

attended to his mood needs and, if he really needed a bright and sunny day, he 
tended to travel 
to France without having "jet lag" insofar as his body clock was concerned.

People in general seem to me to be too quick to mention things "to die for".  I 
can't speak for 

the rest of you, but one reason I intend to stick around is because there are so
many wonderful 

things "to live for".  (So many books, so many books, so many books...) I 
suspect that most if 

not all of you out there share this attitude with me to some extent more than 
the norm (or it 
would be norm for everyone to have already signed up for cryonics).

So would it be highly inappropriate to ask for YOUR tricks, tips and suggestions
for enjoying 

life now, coping with the problems of life as it is, as well as to anticipate 
what further 
marvels life may hold in store for us?

If this is already being done elsewhere, please tell me where.  I'd appreciate 

And if this is being done elsewhere, may I suggest we cryonics members borrow 
some of it for the 

direct benefit of our members... and to demonstrate to those who encounter our 
movement why life 
is worth living and enjoying.  

If the cryonet is not the appropriate place for this, I can accept that, but 
would also ask if 
there might be a better place to be suggested in that case. 

Living forever is laughing forever.  He who laughs, lasts.

Thank you for your consideration,

George Smith

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