X-Message-Number: 10314
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 12:54:24 EDT
Subject: fun

Mr. Smith's suggestion (#10312), that we share ideas on furthering the
enjoyment of life, touches on a couple of areas of chronic concern. One is the
specific tendency of some people to think of life as a burden; another is the
difficult problem of promoting more social interaction and camaraderie among
immortalists. (Reading some of the news groups, one might get the impression
that all we like to do is quarrel or prove that we are smarter than the next

Whether Cryonet is the right venue is indeed a question, but there is little
harm in some small ventures. I see no harm in an occasional note on personal
experiences, tending to illustrate joie de vivre. If people read things that
tend to make them like us or enjoy us, that could undermine a lot of unspoken

As for direct personal contacts, most of our people tend to be extremely busy
and not very receptive to staged occasions such as planned meetings. But
contacts and mutual help in the context of other activities might be useful
and enjoyable. For example, Mae loves company, and so do the dogs, and we have
had a lot of visitors in the years we have been in Scottsdale, both family and
through cryonics contacts. We have a guest bedroom, and as scheduling permits
we are glad to put up visitors--even if they are here just to inspect Alcor.
(If we don't know you, we'll check you out first.)  (When visiting the Grand
Canyon, don't get too near the edge--we lose a few tourists every year.)

Robert Ettinger
Cryonics Institute
Immortalist Society

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